Oilfield Hauling

With special emphasis on service to the oil industry, the company brings many years of experience in the handling and the transportation of oilfield equipment and materials.


24 Hour Personalized Service


On call to the oil patch 24 hours a day. Complete service is only a phone call away and at the regular business number or by cellular connections.


Pipe Hauling


Loading, unloading and transportation of all varieties of tubular goods account for a large portion of company activity. Various types of equipment are available to handle both steel pipe and fiberglass products including forklifts, tool carriers, cherry pickers of different sizes and reaches. Nylon slings are used when warranted to eliminate any possible damage to the more fragile materials.


Tank Moving


Bed trucks and qualified drivers available to move tanks of various sizes anywhere from 200 barrel skidded tanks to 1500 barrel production tanks.



Specialized tank trailers are available for the movement and setting of the larger pieces of equipment

Padded bunks protect fiberglass tanks ...


Heavy Equipment Movement


Winch and bed trucks are capable of loading and hauling various heavy equipment such as cats, camp shacks, backhoes, track hoes, construction equipment, trucks, trailers, machinery, motors, generators and motor vehhicles.


Bert Baxter Transport - Oil Field Hauling


Pump Jacks, Centrifuges, Treaters, Bases


Truck mounted cranes and cherry pickers with fully certified operators are available to transport and set pump jacks, cement bases, treaters and centrifuges into place. This includes all pump jacks up to and including 912 jacks.


Hot Shot Service


In addition to a fleet of tandem tractors which can provide hot shot services the company also maintains a fleet of smaller trucks and appropriate trailers to accommodate this service also


Forklift Service


Various sizes of forklifts are available to load and unload all types of equipment



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